Tag: Urban Exploration

  • Abandoned House

    Abandoned House

    A nice winter scene and a beautiful old abandoned house in middlesex county.

  • Abandoned Farm House

    Abandoned Farm House

    Here is a creepy abandoned farm house in Southern Ontario just west of London. This house really gave me a bad vibe while I was photographing it a real feeling of emptiness and abandonment.

  • Abandoned House in Ontario

    Abandoned House in Ontario

    This old abandoned house sits along a busy highway. I wonder what circumstances led to its abandonment.

  • Time Has Run Out

    Time Has Run Out

    A beautiful abandoned homestead in South Western Ontario. Time has not been easy on this old house.

  • No One is Home

    No One is Home

    This old abandoned house is well hidden in thick brush, in fact I think its the brush that is holding it together.

  • Old Creepy Abandoned House

    Old Creepy Abandoned House

    Another view of the beautiful decrepit Palmyra house.

  • Abandoned House in Huron County

    Abandoned House in Huron County

    A beautiful old abandoned homestead in Huron County Ontario. Photo taken on an iPhone 6s Plus.