• Abandoned House Near London

    Abandoned House Near London

    Here is a gorgeous abandoned house near London Ontario, just past Dorchester. This abandoned house just oozes creepiness. This old house is supposed to be haunted by a former resident.

  • Creepy Abandoned House

    Creepy Abandoned House

    There is some truly eerie about this old creepy abandoned house. This was one abandoned house that I felt very uncomfortable at for some reason.

  • Abandoned Homestead in Ontario

    Abandoned Homestead in Ontario

    There is not much left of this old abandoned house in Ontario. This abandoned place is mostly all the remains from and early homesteaders. A few more years and this old house will be reclaimed by Mother Nature.

  • Lonely Days Ahead

    Lonely Days Ahead

    There will be lonely days ahead in this old Ontario abandoned house. A little TLC could breath this derelict house back to life.

  • Abandoned Homestead in Ontario

    Abandoned Homestead in Ontario

    A beautiful and lonely abandoned homestead along the back roads of rural Ontario. You can almost imagine this abandoned house in its prime.

  • Abandoned Stone House

    Abandoned Stone House

    A beautiful old abandoned stone house in Ontario. This house is Located in Huron County along a busy highway. Fascinating what led to the abandonment of this old house.

  • Abandoned Rural Home

    Abandoned Rural Home

    Just another abandoned rural home along an Ontario Highway. This house was once full of laughter and now it sits alone awaiting its fate.

  • Abandoned House in Ontario

    Abandoned House in Ontario

    This old abandoned house sits along a busy highway. I wonder what circumstances led to its abandonment.

  • Time Has Run Out

    Time Has Run Out

    A beautiful abandoned homestead in South Western Ontario. Time has not been easy on this old house.

  • Abandoned County House

    Abandoned County House

    Here is a beautiful old abandoned county house near Woodstock. This house is not to far gone and could easily be restored into a a beautiful home.

  • Old Abandoned House

    Old Abandoned House

    Here is a beautiful old abandoned home. This house still has some nice brick work but the interior is to far gone.

  • No One is Home

    No One is Home

    This old abandoned house is well hidden in thick brush, in fact I think its the brush that is holding it together.