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  • Old Creepy Abandoned House
  • Abandoned Palmyra House
  • Abandoned Homestead
  • Ontario Abandoned House
  • Creepy abandoned house

    Creepy abandoned house

    Here is a creepy abandoned house in Bruce County Ontario.

  • Abandoned House

    Abandoned House

    A nice winter scene and a beautiful old abandoned house in middlesex county.

  • Creepy Abandoned House

    Creepy Abandoned House

    Here is a creepy old abandoned house in Huron County Ontario. Even though its creepy, it still is beautiful!

  • Abandoned Ontario House

    Abandoned Ontario House

    Here is a run down old abandoned house in Bruce County Ontario

  • Huron County Abandoned House

    Huron County Abandoned House

    An old abandoned farm house frozen in time in Huron County. This photograph looks as though it could have been taken a century ago, not much has changed.

  • Good Bones

    Good Bones

    You hear the term ‘Good Bones” thrown around allot for old run down abandoned houses. However I don’t think its quit fitting for this¬†abandoned house on one of Ontario’s Highways.

  • The Cedars

    The Cedars

    Original built in the 1880’s as a boating/athletic clubhouse it became a private residence in 1907. Situated along the banks of the Thames River in London Ontario it has been abandoned since 2013.

  • Abandoned House in Elora

    Abandoned House in Elora

    I came across this abandoned house in Elora Ontario while I was up exploring the area. You would never know this picture was taken in mid December.

  • Abandoned Stone House

    Abandoned Stone House

    Here is a beautiful abandoned stone house. Can you image in the time and skill needed to build this amazing house. Such a shame that it has been left to crumble. One can just imagine how many Christmas dinners were enjoyed with family within theses stone walls.

  • A Real Fixer Upper

    A Real Fixer Upper

    Here is a real fixer upper. This old abandoned house is in high state of decay and wont be around much longer. One of the many abandoned houses in Ontario from early homesteaders.

  • Haunted Abandoned House

    Haunted Abandoned House

    Here is a beautiful and spooky abandoned house in Ontario that is said to be haunted. I did capture a few interesting things while I was there.

  • Abandoned Farm House

    Abandoned Farm House

    Here is a creepy abandoned farm house in Southern Ontario just west of London. This house really gave me a bad vibe while I was photographing it a real feeling of emptiness and abandonment.